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Cerence and WFCO Partner to Develop Intuitive, AI-Powered RV Cabin Experience

Cerence and RV technology leader WFCO will unite their respective conversational AI and RV innovations to enhance safety, comfort and productivity

BURLINGTON, Mass., October 5, 2022Cerence Inc.(NASDAQ: CRNC), AI for a world in motion, today announced a new partnership with WFCO Electronics to create a first-of-its-kind digital cabin experience for recreational vehicles (RVs) as Cerence expands beyond the car to deliver AI solutions for all types of mobility. With 40 years of experience, WFCO is the industry leader in providing RVs with innovative, high-quality power products.

As connectivity and AI-powered technologies revolutionize the passenger car market, the opportunity to enhance the RV experience is clear. Leveraging Cerence’s industry-leading conversational AI combined with WFCO’s decades of leadership in electronics and technology for RVs, the companies will transform the in-vehicle experience for RV drivers and passengers through an in-vehicle assistant deeply integrated with the vehicle and its sensors. Together, Cerence and WFCO will create a voice-enabled interaction platform for RVs that will enhance safety, comfort, and productivity on the road, creating an incredible experience for all RV passengers, regardless of whether they’re driving or simply enjoying the journey.

“RV owners worldwide have long enjoyed the many benefits that RV travel provides – extended time with family and friends, proximity to the outdoors, and flexibility in their travels,” said Jack Cheng, CEO of WFCO. “We are excited to update and transform this in-vehicle experience, bringing many innovative technologies in today’s passenger cars into the RV market. In Cerence, we’ve found the perfect partner to team with to deliver an entirely new smart digital cabin experience to RV owners globally as we chart WFCO’s mission to become the center of RV energy management.”

“Conversational AI has transformed many aspects of consumer mobility, enabling voice-powered interaction that simplifies drivers’ interactions with their cars and improves their day-to-day journeys,” said Stefan Ortmanns, CEO, Cerence. “We are thrilled to expand beyond the car to bring our proven innovation and technology leadership to a new area of mobility – RVs – and to partner with WFCO, a known, experienced player leading the way in RV innovation.”

The companies expect to introduce their new digital cabin experience for RVs in 2023. For more information about WFCO, visit To learn more about Cerence, visit, and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Cerence Inc.
Cerence (NASDAQ: CRNC) is the global industry leader in creating unique, moving experiences for the mobility world. As an innovation partner to the world’s leading automakers and mobility OEMs, it is helping advance the future of connected mobility through intuitive, powerful interaction between humans and their vehicles, connecting consumers’ digital lives to their daily journeys no matter where they are. Cerence’s track record is built on more than 20 years of knowledge and more than 450 million cars shipped with Cerence technology. Whether connected cars, autonomous driving, e-vehicles, or two-wheelers, Cerence is mapping the road ahead. For more information, visit

About WFCO
WFCO has served the RV industry for over 40 years. For decades, WFCO innovations have helped increase power for RVs, improve efficiency, reduce size and weight, simplify installation, improve signal quality, and much more. As such, WFCO Electronics is the leader in manufacturing, distribution, and servicing of power conversion products in the RV industry and continues to innovate and remains dedicated to staying a big step ahead of the competition.  WFCO is the heartbeat of today’s RVs™.  For more information, visit

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