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RVTI’s Level 3 Course Embraced by WFCO

WFCO Technologies, a supplier of RV power conversion products, is now a proud provider of the RV Technical Institute’s Level 3 curriculum, according to a News & Insights reportby the RV Industry Association (RVIA). Recently, WFCO Technologies staff sat down with the RV Technical Institute to share their experience teaching the Level 3 curriculum to interested service… Read more »


November 2023 WFCO Technologies – the RV industry’s leader in power conversion and management products – is pleased to launch “Power Pro,” a digital control system featuring voice recognition technology designed specifically for the RV industry.  Utilizing AI (artificial intelligence), the Patent Pending Power Pro control system has been developed and trained with cutting edge… Read more »

2022 Elkhart RV Dealer Open House

RV companies show the newest innovations at the Elkhart Dealer Open House. At the 2022 Elkhart RV Dealer Open House, dozens of RV manufacturers met with dealers and sales reps to explore the industry’s newest innovations. The latest 2023 RVs are on display, showcasing all their unique features to dealers across North America. It’s an opportunity… Read more »

Innovating RV Power Conversion

As the long-standing leader in product performance, quality, and value, WFCO Electronics continues to develop customer-focused technology and solutions for the RV industry. Through the continued pursuit of simplifying and improving the RV experience, WFCO launched a converter/charge technology and a 2,000W inverter. As RVers explore further into forests, deserts, and other remote locations, access… Read more »

WFCO Auto-Detect – Intelligent Battery Detection

WFCO Auto-Detect – Intelligent Battery Detection The popularity of lithium-ion batteries in the RV world continues to grow, expanding along with the increased use of solar technology. With that in mind, Elkhart, Ind.-based WFCO Electronics has developed a patent-pending product called Auto-Detect Intelligent Battery Detections, designed to recognize what type of battery is being used… Read more »

WFCO Electronics: Next Generation of Power Products

WFCO Electronics: Next Generation of Power Products – Arterra Distribution, the RV division of WFCO Group, manufacturer of best-in-class quality and value power conversion products, has launched Patent Pending Auto-Detect technology, a game changer for managing battery chemistries. Exclusively available in WFCO converters and power centers, this technology DETECTS lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries and AUTOMATICALLY… Read more »

Arterra Distribution Breaks Ground for New Building Addition

Arterra Distribution Breaks Ground for New Building Addition Elkhart, IN, November 2nd, 2021 – Arterra Distribution, the RV industry leader in power conversion products, broke ground on a new 34,000-square-foot addition that will expand its warehouse and production facilities. Bobby Raatz, Managing Director of Arterra Distribution, states, “We’re looking towards the future. Best-in-class quality and… Read more »

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