Support Videos

WFCO Power Pros™ have decades of experience in power product technical support. We are constantly producing videos to help with the service and support of our customers. At WFCO, we want to be your source to help with converter selection, installation, and troubleshooting.

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Installation & Replacement Videos

WF-9855 Deck Mount: Replacing Iota DLS-55 / Atwood ACP-32 / Todd Engineering PC-30

WF-8955 MBA Main Board Assembly: Replacing the Lower Section of a Parallax 7100 Series power center

WF-8955-REP Installation: Replacing Magnetek and Parallax 6355 & 7355

Product Support Videos

Why does the fan on my converter run all the time?

Why is there voltage on both sides of the 12V fuse board with no fuse?

Basic WF-5110R/RS Operation

How to Identify Your WFCO Converter

How to Replace Your WFCO Door Latch

Why do fuses keep blowing on my 12V fuse board?

Why do some LED’s on the 12V fuse board come on and some do not?

How WFCO Converters Charge Batteries

WFCO Reverse Polarity Fuses

Why does WF-8700 Series converter work when plugged into shore power, but nothing works when disconnected?

Why is the WF-8700 Series battery not charging and low voltage is going to battery?

RVTI WFCO Training

Lead Acid vs Lithium

Auto-Detect into Lithium Mode

Auto-Detect – Intelligent Battery Detection

Auto-Detect – Intelligent Battery Detection – How It Works