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Auto Detect

When you're living the RV lifestyle, you shouldn't have to worry about your battery system. Now, you don't have to. Simply change between lead acid and lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries with Auto-Detect, WFCO's exclusive and patent-pending intelligent battery detection system.

Auto-Detect automatically selects the correct charging profiles for both lead acid and lithium iron phosphate batteries, optimizing charging and maximizing your battery life. Talk to your dealer about getting Auto-Detect on your next RV.

Optimizes Charging


Maximizes Battery Life

Battery Life

Touch-Free Operation


Drop-In Compatibility


Eliminates Risk of Over or Under-Charging

Eliminates Risk of
Over or Under-Charging

Watch How Auto-Detect Works


Why Choose Auto-Detect?

When you have lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries connected, Auto-Detect will automatically select the correct charging profile for the battery chemistry in the RV, optimizing each charge and maximizing your battery life. Auto-Detect is now standard on all WFCO RV power converters, power centers, and MBAs, and is available through authorized WFCO dealers.

Auto-Detect offers a host of benefits to RV owners:

  • Streamlines battery system
    selection/installation for dealers and customers
  • Optimizes batteries without using
    a manual switch, button, or dial
  • Charges batteries accurately,
    maximizing battery system life
  • Innovative processor controls
    charging based on the needs of the battery
  • Eliminates the need to replace converter
    when changing or upgrading your battery

Auto-Detect Works with Most RV Battery Systems

Used in over 80% of today’s RVs, and trusted by OEM engineers four times more than all other brands combined. Auto-Detect is the preferred converter/charger of these many other RV manufacturers:

Cross Roads
Ember RV
Grand Design
Highland Ridge RV
Starcraft RV
Riverside RV

Trust WFCO for Industry-Leading Technology

WFCO converters of every style have become the favored brand for power conversion and electric distribution in the RV industry. They provide RV owners with an efficient and cost-effective method to use an AC power source and provide power to DC components inside the RV while charging accessory batteries simultaneously.

WFCO’s Auto-Detect promises to be a game-changer, thanks to its ability to work with both lithium and conventional batteries. It greatly simplifies things for RVers and for dealers, who can greatly reduce the number of SKUs they need to keep on-hand.


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