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RV System Monitoring and Alerts

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Living the RV lifestyle should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. You're in the perfect spot with the people that mean the most to you. Yet, how can we make the experience more seamless, less complicated?  Introducing Power Pro™ by WFCO Technologies. Make RV life easier when you take our AI-trained voice recognition system with you on your next RV adventure. 

Innovating The Future of RV Controls

Power Pro™ is a best in class digitally controlled voice recognition system designed to simplify and enhance your RV experience by building a better connection between you and your RV.

RV features

The patent-pending AI trained voice recognition system puts you in full control of your RV with simple commands – starting with, "Hey Power Pro™... I'm Home."

Do the Work For You

Power Pro™ is designed for simplicity. The embedded natural language understanding technology provides Power Pro with more flexibility and better recognition of voice commands.


Turn on and off lights from inside or outside your RV

Increased Efficiency

Increase energy efficiency with automated controls

Mobile App

Download the mobile app for control at your fingertips


Extend/retract your awning and slide-outs quickly and safely

Lighting Controls

Set custom light controls, including dimming options by zone number or name

Optimizes Charging

Monitor your battery and holding tank, including proactive notifications

Preset Lighting

Use the included presets or customize your own mood lighting based on your preferences

Water Controls

Turn the water pump and water heater on and off with one simple command

Operating Controlswith Mobile App
RV Controlled Lighting

No Wifi? No Problem. Connect Anywhere Using the Mobile App.

The Power Pro™ system can be operated through a hardwired panel in your RV, or through a RELIABLE, RESPONSIVE, and ROBUST mobile app.  Power Pro’s cutting-edge technology allows you to control your RV lifestyle on any mobile device with maximum functionality that includes:

  • Embedded voice command operation.
  • Fully independent lighting controls with dimming.
  • Monitor and control the RV water system with proactive notifications.
  • Safe & secure operation of RV slides and awnings.
  • Customize the RV based on your preferences.
  • OTA updates for future product enhancements.

Bottom line? Your Power Pro™ is available no matter what, and you can be sure that your Power Pro™ will recognize you.

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Make Life Easier On Your Next RV Adventure

Make your RV experiences even better. Let Power Pro™ ease the stress of complicated RV systems with the best-in-class, AI trained voice recognition system.

Power Pro™ by WFCO Technologies. Innovating the future of RV controls.

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