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WFCO Electronics’ entire Power Pros team, sales organization, and warehouse manager recently received PRVCA certification for an eight-week RV Electrical System Service course to stay sharp on total RV electrical design.

The course, run by the Northampton Community College and the Pennsylvania RV and Camping Association, is designed to give participants an in-depth understanding of recreation vehicle electrical maintenance using intensive, competency-based instruction. The program is approved by RVIA and qualifies for recertification hours.

Although our Power Pros have more than 50 years of experience with converters, power centers, and inverters, we are always looking to stay abreast of the most recent technology and broaden our knowledge of the entire RV electrical system.

We see these training opportunities as essential for improving the technical services we provide to RV manufacturers and dealers. For one thing, this training helps deepen our knowledge of how the various components of RV electrical systems interact and keeps us informed about RV power’s increasingly sophisticated AC and DC sides. It also gives us a greater understanding of new developments, like solar, and updates our knowledge of RVIA rules and regulations.

The bottom line is that intentional, ongoing education demonstrates our commitment to building on our extensive knowledge base to serve our customers better.

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