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WFCO Electronics has added a new video to its growing online library, providing dealers and technicians with even more resources to help them install WFCO products and communicate the benefits of those products to their customers.

The new video details the removal of old and obsolete power center converters and installing the WF-8955-REP Converter. The replacement kit allows technicians to easily upgrade the lower section of existing power centers to WFCO’s powerhouse three-stage charging system, ensuring high performance for customers’ electrical needs. The kit includes a new DC fuse board and all required fasteners.

WFCO works tirelessly to meet the needs of service professionals in the RV industry, and we are always looking for ways to help streamline installation and make their day a little easier. This installation video and others to our online toolbox are our way of bringing the information directly to who it benefits the most.

WFCO’s growing online toolbox features other installation videos and helpful literature detailing WFCO products and best practices when installing and working with its varied electrical offerings.

For any WFCO resources, tools, and information on our products, email with your request, or click here to download the WFCO Training catalog. To learn more about our products through video, click here.

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