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WFCO has provided another top electrical product with its introduction of the EM-15 & EM-20 Energy Management Switches for the RV industry.

The EM-15 has a single mode of operation designed to share the power from a single branch circuit that usually requires its 15A breaker. Potential applications include microwaves, hairdryers, water heaters, and fireplaces. WFCO’s EM-15 constantly monitors the levels of both the primary and secondary circuits and will shut down the secondary circuit once levels reach the designated Amperage. After the Amperage drops below a specified point, power is resupplied to the second course.

The EM-20 is ideal for units with multiple air conditioners and other highly used appliances. It features an exclusive remote-control panel, allowing end users to manually choose the branch circuit to which they would like the priority of operation. WFCO’s EM-20 also boasts four power modes, including Logic Relay Modes, that allow direct connection to air conditioners with energy management inputs for easy installation.

The EM-15 & EM-20 offer three possible mounting positions for flexible design and quick installation: wall/floor mount, back of WF-8500 Series Power Center, or back of WF-8900 Series Power Center.

The EM-15 and EM-20 are the marketplace’s most flexible, universal Energy Management Switches. Their design allows for use across many different RV types, and their features put the control in the hands of the RV owner, which is ideal given they know their power needs best.

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