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WFCO Electronics Donates 1,000 KN95 Masks – At WFCO Electronics, we know how hard all frontline workers are working. They’re sacrificing so much to help in this time of need. Unfortunately, there are many hospitals facing shortages of the necessary PPE equipment. When we acquired KN95 masks, we knew we wanted to help, especially within our local community.

WFCO Electronics recently donated 1,000 KN95 masks to Goshen Hospital in our company’s name. “The frontline workers have been on our minds daily during this pandemic,” said Bobby Raatz, Managing Director of WFCO Electronics. “We make it our mission to support our local community in any way we can. We’re so grateful that Goshen Hospital can benefit from our donation.”

“The N95 mask donation from WFCO Electronics came at such a critical time,” said Randy Christophel, Goshen Health President, and CEO. “These masks are vital to protecting our providers and Colleagues. We are so grateful for the contribution!”  We hope this helps ease some of the stress and worry of the essential workers at Goshen Hospital and helps keep them safe during this time.

The team at WFCO Electronics wants to thank all of the frontline workers! Your sacrifices and dedication are appreciated more than you know.

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