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WFCO Electronics Partners with Dealer Resources Group as New Aftermarket Rep Group – ELKHART, Ind. – WFCO Electronics has recently partnered with Dealer Resources Group (DRG) and Shepherd Sales to be the New Aftermarket Sales Rep Group for the company’s line of power products.

With a staff of 17 people, including one Master Certified Technician, DRG and Shepherd Sales will provide sales coverage, training, store planning, and customer service on behalf of WFCO throughout the continental US. In addition to sales and training, DRG offers dealers free store planning and merchandising expertise, helping them increase their customer interest and sales.

“We’re very excited to add WFCO Electronics as a partner,” says Bob Barber, President of DRG. “Their line of converters, transfer switches, and other power products in WFCO Electronics complements our diverse portfolio. We’re looking forward to promoting them in the dealerships.”

With 20 years of experience, DRG comes well-recommended and respected by other prominent RV-related companies at the aftermarket level, including Carefree of Colorado, Airxcel, Torklift International, Winegard, BAL Products, and Valterra.

“We are delighted to partner with DRG and Shepherd Sales,” says Rich Dotson, President of Arterra Distribution. “Their extensive experience in the RV aftermarket and proven track record of success in sales partners well with our team as we respond to growth within and outside of the RV industry,” Dotson said.

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