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WFCO Electronics: Taking Care of Today – Developing for Tomorrow – At WFCO, we’re focused on providing the best support for our customers, not only in our current environment but simultaneously gearing up for future opportunities. We’ve developed key teams to ensure our customers in the field are taken care of through training, troubleshooting, and cutting-edge research development. To illustrate our commitment to our customer-centric focus, we highlight two key employees, Derek Dombrowski and Jamie Buckmeier.

Derek Dombrowski, WFCO’s Quality and Training Supervisor, has been with the company since 2013. He started auditing, testing warranty units, and monitoring incoming quality control units. He now leads WFCO’s audit group and has built close relationships with our customers, handling any issues they may have when they call. In addition to audits, Derek performs all of WFCO’s product training. He’s traveled across the country, providing RVIA-certified hands-on training for customers’ needs. Additionally, Derek conducts live, online product training for RVIA continuing credits at request. Derek is also an active RVIA Codes and Standard board member with the Fire, Life, & Safety Committee.

With quality products and service to our customers as our top priority, Derek and the Tech Team:

  • Offer dealership technicians the opportunity to expand their technical education through RVIA-accredited technician, product, and sales training. RVIA-accredited technician training is offered through on-site, hands-on, and webinar-based training.
  • Perform routine installation audits for all OEM customers to ensure that WFCO products are installed correctly with the proper size and are working correctly.
  • Provide on-site troubleshooting and solutions.

“To ensure that our customers have all of the information and resources they need, our job is to provide training and audits for our customers, so they’re able to do the best job they can,” says Derek Dombrowski. “We’re there to guide our customers for the long term.”

In partnership with the Tech Team, Jamie Buckmeier, WFCO’s Director of Product Development, is developing a customer-focused solution team to build for the future. With over 20 years at the OEM level, Jamie knows what customers want. WFCO’s Tech Team consists of Electrical Engineers who handle the research and development for new WFCO products in Elkhart! Additionally, the Tech Team features WFCO’s Power Pros, a group of technicians with more than 50 years of combined industry experience.

Building off our past innovations and designing new solutions, WFCO’s Product Development Team:

  • It is creating a research and development lab in Elkhart, IN – the heart of the RV market.
  • It is developing a customer-focused product design process.
  • Has more than 50 years of combined industry experience; we know the RV market!

“At WFCO, we’re focused on building a US-based research and development lab in Elkhart. Being in the heart of the RV market allows us to hear firsthand what the customers want and need,” says Jamie Buckmeier. “We can then take that information and develop a product that offers a solution to those needs while checking in with the customer throughout the process.”

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