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WFCO Electronics, long known as innovators of RV and automotive power conversion solutions, is introducing a new and improved 1000-watt inverter, the WF-5110RS.

The WF-5110RS offers customers a variety of industry-leading features:

  • One thousand watts of power to run larger appliances.
  • Low parasitic draw for longer battery life in standby mode.
  • Reverse polarity protection keeps the unit safe from accidental battery terminal switch-ups. Competing units may suffer permanent damage to internal electronics.
  • Intelligent power switching capability allows smooth transitions between power sources with minimal disruption. RVs often have many power source options, such as solar, battery, generators, and shore power. Today’s camper needs the ability to switch sources quickly and painlessly.
  • Produces AC output with a pure, clean sine wave, just like standard house current. This precision assures maximum appliance compatibility, especially in clocks, electronics, and computers.

Plus, it features clear user status indicators, remote control, easy-to-use selection buttons, and other modern features. The units feature streamlined installation and integration, which both OEMs and dealers appreciate.

“At Arterra Distribution, the RV division of WFCO Group, we are focused on the design and manufacturing of quality RV power products and have been for over 40 years,” said Jamie Buckmeier, Director of Product Development of Arterra. “The WF-5110RS Inverter is an innovative unit that adds quality, simplicity, and reliability that RV power systems formerly lacked.”

With a history of under 1% in warranty claims, WFCO provides RV parts that reflect a consistent commitment to quality, backed by an unmatched sales and service team to bring the best solutions to market.

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