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WFCO Introduces Audible Reverse Polarity Detection [Elkhart, IN] — WFCO Electronics, the long-term provider of high-quality power components, converters, and inverters in the RV industry, has developed new audible reverse polarity detection technology.

The reverse polarity detection meets the new RVIA and NEC requirements that an RV must be equipped with a component that makes the user aware of a reverse polarity wiring issue. WFCO has gone above and beyond, exceeding new industry requirements.

All WFCO Power Centers and Distribution Panels now offer audible reverse polarity detection. For manufacturers, this means its business as usual – with an extra layer of consumer protection. For RVers, this safety goes beyond a simple light that can go overlooked and ruin an entire vacation.

WFCO’s Reverse Polarity Detection:

• Meets RVIA and NEC Requirements
• Produces an Audible Alarm Notification
• Works with 30A (120V) & 50A (120V/240V) Service
• Requires No Additional Wiring or Hookup
• Accepts Hi-Pot Testing

“At WFCO, our goal is always to be here for our customers today to meet tomorrow’s needs, and that is exactly what we’re doing by introducing our new audible reverse polarity detection,” says Bobby Raatz, Managing Director of Arterra Distribution. “RVers will have peace of mind knowing that they will be audibly alerted if something is wrong.”

The audible reverse polarity detection is available on the WF-8930/50 Power Center Series, WF-8500 Power Center Series, WF-8700 Power Center Series, WF-8900 Power Center Series, and WF-9500 Power Center Series. If you’re interested in WFCO’s reverse polarity detection or want more information, please contact your WFCO sales rep today!

Arterra Distribution is the RV division of the WFCO Group. It has been a family-owned company providing technologically advanced and innovative quality power products for more than 40 years. Visit for a long list of all innovations.

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