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WFCO Electronics’ Power Pros have beefed up WFCO’s new website with several helpful resources for RV technicians, including how-to videos and a handy online “Toolbox” of information. Such resources enable RV service centers to troubleshoot RVs effectively and easily upgrade converters and power centers with the latest WFCO technology.

Power Pros has over 50 years of combined RV manufacturing and service expertise. For our Aftermarket partners, we’re just a phone call away for quick installation and troubleshooting assistance.

We’ve also created several informational resources that can be easily accessed online. The videos, in particular, can be helpful, like having a Power Pro expert in the shop with you.

At the same time, WFCO’s online “Toolbox” is a growing resource that can be found under the company’s website’s “Support” tab, where various helpful information charts can be accessed. These include:

  • An extensive cross reference chart that provides an equivalent WFCO product for obsolete brands and both out-of-date or current converters and power centers. Millions of RVs are on the road with obsolete converter brands and older technology products. WFCO has the most extensive portfolio of power products in the industry, from which service centers can find a match for those brands that no longer exist as well as older and current power products.
  • Troubleshooting guides provide an efficient sequence of step-by-step analysis that allows technicians to diagnose and fix whatever problem is occurring quickly.

* A torque chart that provides proper torque values for WFCO converters, power centers, inverters, and transfer switches, thus helping technicians avoid potential problems due to over-torqued or under-torqued electrical connections.

Other helpful information and previews of new WFCO products can be found in dealer-focused e-bulletins posted on the website. Personnel can subscribe on the WFCO site for these periodic, information-laden bulletins to stay abreast with the latest products and services from WFCO.

“The Toolbox, videos, and e-bulletins are a few communication channels we have created over the past year to amplify our support for those providing service for RV owners,” said Ryan. “As with our product lines, you can expect continuous improvement in this resource as well.”

For any WFCO resources, tools, and information on our products, email with your request, or click here to download the WFCO Training catalog. To learn more about our products through video, click here.

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