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ELKHART, IND. – WFCO Electronics introduces the WF-5110R power inverter. What is so valuable about this new inverter is its protection for an RVs electrical system if the battery is misconnected, providing proper accident insurance for a common mistake.

Typically, when a battery is connected, and the polarity is reversed from what it should be, the electrical system becomes damaged, which is very costly. The WF-5110R has built-in reverse polarity protection. When the battery is misconnected, nothing will become damaged, the technician can reconnect the battery correctly, and everything will work as it should.

Working hand in hand with dealers and technicians to develop products that support the advancement of the industry is WFCO’s commitment and contribution to its customers.

WFCO supports RV technicians by offering workshops and training seminars with in-depth training on WFCO’s product line. The training aims to help dealerships better sell, replace, and troubleshoot WFCO products, including the WF-5110R.

WFCO Electronics is a family-own that has been ed company providing technologically advanced and innovative quality power products for more than 40 years. Visit today!

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