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WFCO Electronics has added an instructional video focusing on using the WFCO WF-8955MBA (Main Board Assembly) to replace the converter in the lower section of the Parallax 7100 power center. This step-by-step tutorial helps technicians with tips and logical steps for speedy, safe, and accurate installations. Click here to see the videos.

We are constantly producing videos to help with service and support our customers. At WFCO, we want to be your source to help with converter selection, installation, and troubleshooting.

WFCO provides several main board assemblies in its 8900 MBA Series and converter replacement kits with its 8900 REP universal converters. These products can replace converters or lower sections of power centers that are old, obsolete, or defective. They will help customers obtain a WFCO converter section that can provide superior reliability and performance. For example, many older power centers have single-stage converters for maintaining battery power. In contrast, WFCO’s advanced three-stage converter design keeps batteries charged even when the RV has been idle for a time.

We’ve put a big emphasis on building the ‘Support’ side of our website to help give dealers and technicians the correct information to do their jobs well. Including instructional videos and resources like ‘The Dealer Toolbox’ with our converter cross-reference guide, troubleshooting charts, and torque chart. You can find information about our Power Pros team of experienced experts and how they can help.

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