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wf-9850l-front-adjAs part of WFCO’s continued commitment to providing the RV industry with leading power solutions, the company will soon be introducing the industry’s first two-stage lithium-ion converter designed for easy installation and use in both the OEM and the Aftermarket. The first of many models to come, our WF-9850L2 Converter, will be introduced to the marketplace in early 2017, but WFCO will preview the converter at the RVIA Trade Show in Louisville.

At WFCO, our goal is always to be here for our customers today to meet tomorrow’s needs, and that is exactly what we’re doing by introducing our new lithium-ion converter. “We see the RV industry trending toward lithium, and we want to meet that demand with a well-thought-out product ahead of the curve.”

The WFCO two-stage process ensures a safe operating voltage for all loads in the RV, quickly replaces energy in the battery and keeps the lithium cells balanced.

Unlike other products on the market, which appear to be lithium-ion battery chargers, the WF-9850L2 Converteris primarily a converter designed to power the RV’s real-world loads and charge lithium-ion batteries.

Power products are meant to meet RV owners’ needs and fit their lifestyles while traveling. WFCO’s lithium RV converter does just that, which is why we have named it ‘The Lithium-Ion Converter for RVs.

WFCO will preview this new technology at the RVIA Trade Show in Louisville, encouraging OEMs, dealers, and media to visit them at Booth 629 in Hall 8 to learn more.

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