WFCO News and Updates

WFCO Electronics continues to grow its online library of helpful technical resources for those servicing or installing WFCO products in the aftermarket.

A new “Dealer Toolbox” under the “Support” tab on the WFCO website will now feature proper torque values for WFCO products, including converters, power centers, inverters, and transfer switches.

The torque ratings are provided for different wire gauges used in various applications such as terminal bars (ground and neutral); DC fuse panel lugs (+ VCC, negative and positive); DC Fuse Panel (single circuit terminals); DC battery lugs (negative and positive); terminal strip; and ground lug.

Proper torquing is essential for such connections. Connections not torqued tight enough can lose or dissipate energy and overheat. Over-tightening can cause the wire to fracture or break, leading to energy loss and possible overheating of the terminal.

Tom Ryan, WFCO vice president of sales and marketing, said, “This is part of an ongoing effort that WFCO has dedicated itself to — making the information that technicians need to properly install our products readily available online and through our Power Pros team of advisors, who are just a phone call away.”

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