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1. NORMAL MODE (Absorption) powers all DC loads and keeps the battery charged.

2. TRICKLE MODE (Float) is initiated when there is no significant change in a current draw for 44 continuous hours, keeping the battery charged while prolonging its life.

3. FAST CHARGE MODE (Bulk) kicks in to charge the battery if it’s significantly discharged due to improper maintenance, long-term storage, or extremely heavy system overloads. Bulk mode is maintained for 4 hours (max.) to prevent possible battery damage.

Normal and Trickle Modes are the only charging modes your battery should ever require when you properly maintain your battery. The WFCO Normal Mode is a powerhouse, capable of charging a fully-discharged battery in under 3 hours. Trickle Mode will keep the battery safely charged when your RV is not in use.

Some RV and battery manufacturers believe high-voltage charging can potentially damage the battery if not required. WFCO provides Fast Charge (Bulk) Mode for the rare times a battery needs extra power for charging.

The key to long battery life is proper maintenance. Keep the battery terminals, top, and sides clean and free from corrosion, dirt, and grime. When the RV is not in use, keep it connected to a trickle charging source that will keep the battery safely charged, or disconnect the battery entirely by removing all wiring connections from the battery terminal posts.

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