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RVs of all sizes need effective converters and power centers geared to their specific power needs — enough to power increasingly sophisticated electronics that are now part of the smallest RV, but not more than what’s needed — so manufacturers can scale the power center to the RV’s needs and price-point.

As RV manufacturers strive to deliver the correct amperage for each model’s specific requirements, WFCO Electronics is the only company that provides converters and power centers across the entire spectrum of RV products, from teardrop trailers to high-end diesel motor homes.

This is why WFCO’s WF-8700 Power Center Series of smaller power centers is valuable. With outputs in the range of 12, 25, 35, and 40 amps, no other company can so effectively match the lower power needs of smaller RVs.

WF-8735 right faced openWF-8700 power centers also offer some of the same innovations found in WFCO’s higher-end power centers:

  • Small, lightweight, and space efficient, the WF-8700 Power Center Series are perfect for smaller travel trailers or camping trailers where extra space and reduced weight are welcomed.
  • As with larger WFCO power centers, the 8700’s zero clearance design provides both intake and exhaust on the front, so no additional space is required at the back to expel the heated air.
  • The 8700 is pre-wired with pigtails, so there’s no need to mess with wires inside the power center, making for an easier and improved installation.
  • As the output rating increases in each model, the number of AC and DC circuits also increases, providing design flexibility for the OEM.
  • The WF-8700 Power Center Series is the most reliable powerhouse in the business.

Today, the WF-8700 Power Center Series is part of an overall company portfolio that extends from this base to the 100 Amp deck-mount (WF-68100) converter. WFCO fills the power gaps wherever needed and is a resource for service centers confronted with replacing old brands of converters and power centers that are no longer manufactured.

WFCO caters to all needs in the RV market, not just the high volume and more profitable segments. Being an excellent supplier to the industry means more than bringing out new and innovative products. It also means supporting OEMs and dealers with niche and low-volume products that fit a specific market need.

Since many customers new to RVing tend to start with smaller units, we want to make their first RVing experience a good one.

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