WF-8955-REP Converter Replacement Kit

WF-8955-REP Converter Replacement Kit

Our WF-8955-REP Converter Replacement Kit lithium converter replacement kit allows easy upgrade of existing power centers. Technicians can easily remove the lower section of certain power center brands and slide in the WF-8955-REP Converter Replacement Kit. This exchange upgrades the old single stage charger to a high-performance three-stage charging powerhouse. To make installation easy, WFCO’s complete replacement kit includes the converter, a new DC fuse board, and required fasteners.

The WFCO WF-8955-REP Converter Replacement Kit is optimized to safely charge deep-cycle lithium iron phosphate batteries, while powering the RV’s lights and appliances. The multi-stage process ensures a safe operating voltage for all loads, replaces energy back into the lithium-ion battery, and assures the lithium cells inside the batteries remain balanced.

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Additional Information

Output Power

940 W

Input Voltage/Hz

105-130 VAC, 60 Hz

Converter Type

Three-Stage Converter Charger

Voltage Output

13.2 – 14.4V DC Range

Output Current


Bulk Mode (Quick Charging Voltage)

14.4V DC (quick charging voltage)

Absorption Mode (Nominal Voltage)

13.6V DC (nominal voltage)

Float Mode (Trickle Charge Voltage)

13.2V DC (trickle charge voltage)

Over Current


Over Temperature


Over Voltage


Reverse Polarity


Short Circuit


Cooling System



12˝ wide; 4.75˝ high; 7.65˝ deep Kit size (with converter mounted in bracket)


9.25 lbs