EM-20 Energy Management Switch Troubleshooting Chart

EM-20 Energy Management Switch Troubleshooting Chart

As RV designs get more and more like home life, so does the demand on their electrical infrastructure. RVers want to enjoy the comforts and luxuries at home while on the road, and with this in mind, WFCO has developed the cost-efficient EM-20 Energy Management Series switches.

• EM-20 for 20A applications

Reliability. Vertically integrated, WFCO has total supply chain control, ensuring quality materials, parts and processes at each stage. Components are quality tested at critical manufacturing stages.

Product Features

  • Smart Load Detection allows the device to switch from two power loads to one load (the designated priority load) when the total current exceeds a pre-determined trip level based on the model.
  • The EM-20 can eliminate the need for 50 A service with two air conditioners by operating one at a time.
  • Designed to manage two mid to heavy loads, such as microwaves and fireplace/water heaters, the EM-15 seamlessly switches power between appliances.
  • The Energy Management Series Switches feature three possible mounting positions for flexible design and quick installation: wall/ floor mount, back of WF-8500 Series, or back of WF-8900 Series power center.

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