WF-8855E Converter Charger Troubleshooting Chart

WF-8855E Converter Charger Troubleshooting Chart

WF-8855E Converter Charger is a world-traveling converter charger that is ideal for a wide array of recreational vehicles. The WF-8855E Converter Charger is designed specifically for manufacturers that export RVs, meeting your needs for amps and power requirements ranging from 190 to 260 volts and 50 or 60 Hz.

The WF-8855E Converter Charger converters designed with an advanced 3-stage charger provide a unique power source solution and clean power wherever needed, built with years of RV power equipment experience.

Reliability. Vertically integrated, WFCO has total supply chain control, ensuring quality materials, parts, and processes at each stage. Components are quality tested at critical manufacturing stages resulting in zero faults at the final 4-hour burn-in test, helping keep warranty claims below 1%. All models are FCC Class B compliant.


  • Quiet operation is assured as the cooling fan runs only when needed.
  • Electronic current limiting automatically shuts down the power during overload or short-circuit conditions.
  • WFCO makes fully insulated connections for protection with an open-top design for ease of use for fast and nearly effortless installation.
  • This versatile deck mount converter can be installed in any position, making RV design more flexible for manufacturers. Mount the converter vertically with the fan at the bottom to enhance cooling. WF-8855E Converter Charger features easy horizontal installation and can install upside down.
  • WFCO’s automatic three-stage converter handles every charging need for the RV while extending the battery’s life. Well-maintained batteries should never need more than two-stage (Normal and Trickle) charging. The third stage (Bulk) is for the rare times a battery needs extra power for charging. See for details.

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