WF-5110RS Inverter

WF-5110RS Inverter

WFCO’s WF-5110RS Inverter 1000-watt delivers outstanding performance for multiple lower-power appliances. WF-5110RS Inverter exclusive internal transfer system automatically allows the AC input to bypass the inverter when connected to an AC power source. The automatically resettable Reverse Polarity protects the WF-5110RS Inverter should the battery be connected backward. Once the battery connections are corrected, the unit will operate normally.

With over a decade of inverter manufacturing, WFCO knows what is essential. Reliability, clean signal, easy installation, and intelligent power management make the WF-5110RS Inverter the best RV inverter.

WF-5110RS Inverter provides high-efficiency power at full-load conditions with safeguards that include overload protection, over-temperature protection, and short-circuit protection. The cooling fan enhances the efficiency as the load incurred by the inverter controls its operation. FCC Class B compliance means that the inverter is designed not to cause interference with televisions, radios, or other signals.

Reliability. Vertically integrated, WFCO has total supply chain control, ensuring quality materials, parts and processes at each stage. Components are quality tested at critical manufacturing stages resulting in zero faults at the final 4-hour burn-in test, helping keep warranty claims below 1%. All models are UL® and cUL® listed and FCC Class B compliant.

Product Features

  • Three status indicators, a voltage indicator with a message panel and a selection button, communicate helpful information to the owner or technician:
  • Green – Indicates AC input status.
  • Amber – Indicates the unit is in invert mode (the inverter creates 110 V power).
  • Red – Indicates inverter failure status.
  • LCD Message Panel – Indicates operation status.
  • Selection Button lets users choose the display’s screen – Battery input voltage, AC output amps, and voltage.

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Additional Information

Output Waveform

Pure Sine Wave (THD <3%)

Efficiency (full load)


Continuous Output Power

1000 W

Status Indicator Lights

Greed LED: AC Input Status, Red LED: Inverter Failure, Yellow LED: Battery Back Up Status

Transfer Switch

10 A, Automatic transfer to battery power

Transfer Time

20 milliseconds

Protection Features

AC Output Fuse, GFCI, Over Temperature, Over/Under Input Voltage, Overload, Reverse Polarity (fuse), Short Circuit


Load Controlled Cooling Fan

Output Wiring

Hard Wired


FCC Class B compliant


UL 458


14.6" L x 11" W x 3.9" H


11.72 lb



Input Voltage/Hz

120 VAC, 60 Hz



Input Nominal Voltage


Input Voltage Range

10.5 – 16.2 Vdc

AC Voltage Regulation

+/- 3% from no load to full load under battery range

Remote Control Panel


Overload Protection

Current limiting & shutdown

Over Temperature

System shut down

Output Power

Protected by fuse: 12A/125V Circuit Breaker

Input Connection

4AWG or 2AWG wires required with 100A in-line slow blow fuse


0-40 degrees C / 20-90% non-condensing