WF-5318/20 Inverter

WF-5318/20 Inverter

The newly launched WF-5300 Inverter Series provides customers with an innovative power management system providing customers with two more options for your inverter needs.  Both the WF-5318 (1800-watt output rate) and the WF-5320 (2000 watt output rate) deliver outstanding performance and efficiency.

The internal transfer system will automatically and instantly supply inverter power if your external AC power source stops functioning. WFCO provides the latest in Inverter Technology with essential features, including: a remote-control panel complete with power-status readouts, a pure sine wave output needed for your RV’s premium electronics and refrigerators, complete overload protection, easy lever terminals for AC wiring, and a hi-pot testing design that allows you to check the output circuits through the inverter without changing any of your connections.

Other features for both the WF-5320 and WF-5318:

  • MCU control high frequency Switching Mode topology
  • Output overload and short-circuit protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • High-surge current walk-in capability
  • Automatic utility bypass transfer switch
  • Greater than 88% System Efficiency
  • No parts replacement when battery input reverse polarity.
  • Standard LCD Remote (On/Off) control panel

With over a decade of inverter manufacturing, WFCO knows what is essential. Reliability, a clean signal, easy installation, and intelligent power management make the WF-5318 and WF-5320 Inverters your best choice for RV inverters.

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