EM-20 Energy Management Switch

EM-20 Energy Management Switch

The EM-20 Energy Management Switch is a cost-efficient energy management branch circuit expander. This product is designed to share the power from a single branch circuit between two mid-to-large power loads that normally require their own breaker. Potential applications include microwaves, fireplaces, hairdryers, water heaters, or even two air conditioners. RVs with two or more air conditioners frequently require 50A AC service; however, the EM-20 Energy Management Switch can be employed to manage two air conditioners in an RV with 30A service.

All WFCO products are designed to meet RV owners’ needs better while also making the job simpler for the installer. The EM-20 Energy Management Switch offers three flexible mounting options and several unique features – like four basic power modes and a remote panel for manual energy management – making it easy for RV owners to assign energy to the circuit they need at any particular time.


WFCO’s EM-15 & EM-20 Energy Management Switch

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Additional Information


120V / 60Hz

Power Relay

2; Contact Rating: 30A/250Vac; Coil Rating: 12Vdc

Logic Control Rating

2; SPDT Contact Rating: 3A/250Vac; Coil Rating: 12Vdc

Delay Time

3 minute resume delay time for A/C protection; N/A for general appliances

AC Connections

9P terminal block for 12AWG wire; suggested 7 in-lbs torque

Remote Switch

12 ft. long wire and RJ11 connector; one switch to set circuit priority; 2 LEDs to indicate which circuit is priority


Fire-retardant reinforced plastic


Wall/floor mounting or mount directly to the back of WFCO Power Centers (8900 or 8500 Series)


5.04 L x 4.41 W x 2.9 H (inch) / 128 L x 112 W x 73 H (mm)


0.55 kgs / 1.21 lbs


CETL / UL 916 + CSA C22.2 NO. 205

Warranty Period

Two Year Limited Product Warranty